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P2: The Ardtoe Marine Laboratory (VFF), acquired by Viking Fish Farm in 2005, is an aquaculture research station. Development of techniques for rearing species (turbot, sole, cod, haddock, halibut, lobsters and scallops). The unit houses some of the largest marine experimental facilities in the UK. The company also has access to offshore facilities suitable for both shellfish and seaweed research and production activities. VFF continues to carry out research in marine aquaculture whilst also producing commercial quantities of turbot, sole, and cod fry, urchin juveniles, oyster spat and seaweeds for sale to farmers in the UK and elsewhere.


P3: The Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) farms of Atlantic salmon in 50 fresh water and marine sites in the West Coast and Islands of Scotland. They sell their product (28,000 tons/year) both in UK market and to export customers worldwide. SSC represents approximately 20% of Scottish farmed salmon production.


P4: The Suf Fish Mariculture Ltd (SufFish) was established in 1992 and began rearing marine fish in cages in 1993 in the northern Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea. The farm was expanded and eventually reached annual production of 1300 tons fish (mainly Sea bream), all the while dealing in aquaculture research and development to improve production. From 2000 to date, SufFish has been involved in both consulting and construction of fish farms on an international scale. A series of preliminary trials were carried out to test the feasibility of rearing mussels next to the ORATA fish cages in Albania, in the context of an IMTA trial, and results were promising. It continues to carry out R&D work aimed at enhancing aquaculture production efficiency and sustainability, by reducing costs and wastes and improving the quality of fish and related products.


P5: Gildeskål Forskningsstasjon a.s (GIFAS) is a privately owned independent research institution from 1989 providing experimental facilities for the aquaculture industry to international clients. They undertake internally derived research projects encompassing both technical and biological aspects of the aquaculture industry. There are small-scale facilities, where is possible conduct controlled research under realistic environmental conditions whereas, and large-scale facilities, that provide an opportunity to evaluate and implement scientific understanding to commercial production strategies. Over the past decade, numerous trials focusing on replacing marine with terrestrial feed components have been undertaken.


P6: Daithi O’Murchu Marine Research Station (DOMMRS) is an independent research station with a hatchery and both commercial scale shellfish and finfish farms (60ha). Research at the station has focused on aquaculture husbandry, minimizing waste in the aquaculture and fisheries production process, developing new products from waste and environmental monitoring.


P7: Seawave Fisheries Ltd (SW) operates in the southern coast of Cyprus (Vasiliko/Zygi). It cultivates 750 tones/year of Mediterranean Sea bream (Sparus aurata), Sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) and Meagre (Argyrosomus regius) and has requested to expand production to 1500 tones/year. About 70% of the products are exported and the rest feeds the local market. The land facilities meet all EU health and safety standards. SW participates in the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform and has a leading role in the thematic area ‘Optimum administration techniques of fish farms’. The company has a positive attitude towards research and technological development. It was/is involved with many research programs funded by the Research Foundation of Cyprus.


P8: Aqua Soc. Agr. s.r.l. (AQUA) has been producing Sea bass and Sea bream in open sea since 2000. It is an offshore cage farm (12 submersible cages) in the Ligurian Sea, approx. 1 nautical mile from the shoreline of Lavagna, Genoa. The licensed area is 200,000 m² wide and its average depth is 40 m. Currently about 210 tons per year are produced in the farm and the turnover is approx. 1,500,000€. To ensure food quality and environmental sustainability the company is adopting a voluntary Best Management Practices, agreed and subscribed by Legambiente (Italian NGO for the protection of the environment), and subscribed technical policies for production with several large-scale retail traders. AQUA has acquired a wide and unique experience in installation and management of submersible cages.  Furthermore, the site has being subjected to environmental monitoring programme since 2000.

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